Finishing Technology Solutions understands that companies often need help understanding the options available to them that will improve their finishing operations.Many companies still use solvent borne single and multi-component coatings, some have made the switch to powder and struggle with the challenges of controlling film thickness and curing, and many more have switched to water-based coatings and continue struggling to match the performance of solvent borne coatings. Many FTS customers are interested in the value of 100% solids UV/EB curable technology because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, cures in seconds without requiring massive heat tunnels, provides a durable finish, minimizes floorspace and work in process, and are also available in any color. FTS knows and understands what options you have to meet your project goals. We can guide you through our development process which results in a solution that meets your finishing requirements. The FTS Business Model and Development Methodology is engineered to be the means to an end for our customers to reach their performance and economic goals.

Below are some FAQ's that will help you understand how our Business Model and Development Methodology can benefit you.

 Q: How can I improve the efficiency of my current Finishing Process before I have my people look at new system alternatives?

A: The answer is almost always in the controls.  Controlling the process, data collection and automation can make the difference for your Finishing Operations right now, today.


Q: I’ve heard of and have read some articles on UV/EB, but the coatings are so expensive, how could it be more economical than what I use today?

A: Keep in mind that solvent borne and water-based coatings have low solids content. The rest is a liquid that must be evaporated, contained and mitigated. With 100% solids UV/EB, every ounce of coating is converted to the solid coating so each gallon covers 50-75% more surface than the other technologies. Significant savings are realized in the speed of the process because UV/EB coatings cure in seconds (production rate), the lack of needed drying time (floor space, energy), the ability to instantly quality inspect (WIP, reduced reject rate, elimination of contamination opportunity, lean/process streamlining), film thickness control (coating usage, reduced reject rate), and coating transfer efficiency up to 95+ percent (reduced waste, regulatory, disposal). The process cost of coating a part with UV/EB technology versus conventional technologies are less when all the savings are taken into consideration.


Q: What does FTS offer us that we can’t get from going to an equipment OEM?

A: Every equipment manufacturer has its strengths and its weaknesses when it comes to the products they make. Equipment manufacturers, of course, want to use the equipment they make.  FTS engineers and designs the process around the coating that meets the performance specifications, and determines the best components for the customer’s process. With FTS you don’t get an equipment supplier, you get a custom equipment engineering partner that provides an unbiased total system solution that meets your needs.


Q: What exactly am I getting from FTS?

You can learn the knowledge we have, but how long will it take?  Do you have the time and resources to do it? We have the experience and knowledge and will save you time and money, preventing you from making decisions that may not fully meet your project goals. Our Development Methodology ensures the quality and success of your project whether using our consulting services or systems engineering and integration.


Finishing Technology Services:

Finishing System Automation:
FTS specializes in systems automation providing advanced custom designed technical solutions for your automation needs. FTS has the expertise to link all your finishing system components including upstream or downstream operations to make them work as an integrated process.

We provide any brand or model of control system, matching your existing plant equipment specifications for product commonality and communication interface compatibility.
We offer a range of simple machine controls to highly sophisticated controls with graphical interface, and man/machine modules for intuitive, simple to operate controls for any of our systems.

We offer PC-based interface for data logging, coating parameter and recipe storage, personnel activity logging, SPC controls and more. Our control systems allow you to maximize the data that can be extracted from your finishing system to allow you to track paint and solvent usage, parts coated, cure data, and other system parameters such as environmental data. We provide multi level access using password protection, allowing operators the flexibility to make temporary operational parameter changes, logging those changes for future management to consider making the adjustments permanent based on the results of operator adjustments.

We offer remote system monitoring and communication with your control system so we can help you make changes and/or troubleshoot your system from any off-site location, saving you precious time when you need control system service.

System Audits & Troubleshooting:
It is common for FTS to recommend a System Audit of your existing Finishing Operation. This involves an examination of your control systems, unit operations and equipment components, work flow process, methodologies, how operators monitor and control the process and the overall product work flow. The more FTS can examine your existing process, the better able we are to recommend options for achieving your goals.

If you have existing finishing systems and are in need of upgrades, modifications or modernization, FTS can make your process look and operate like a new finishing system.

FTS offers a variety of training services.  Training comes standard when you use FTS to engineer, build and integrate your finishing system, but will also offer training packages to help your operators and area managers operate your existing finishing system more efficiently.

Coatings Development:
UV/EB coatings technology requires the marriage of the coating with the process.  FTS supports and coordinates the development of custom UV/EB coatings for you. FTS has the technical expertise to have the coatings you need developed, tested and demonstrated to meet your specifications.


Contract Finishing Services:

Many FTS customers see the value in UV/EB technology, however lack the critical volume to make the capital investment in order to get the payback they need. For this reason, FTS will work with its customers to provide Contract Finishing Services for its clients to help them get up and running with UV/EB so that when the time it right, they can bring it in-house. This gives the engineers and operators of our clients to see how simple the process is and how to properly operate, maintain and monitor the equipment so it runs flawlessly for years and years.

FTS will also consider operating Contract Finishing Services within your manufacturing site. Let's face it, for many companies Finishing Operations are a necessary back-end evil for their products. Maintaining qualified and trained personnel to run and operate a Finishing process can be challenging. That is why FTS provides this service option as we routinely see the need for it.

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