Finishing Technology Solutions provides liquid coat and cure systems for 100% solids UV/EB curable coatings, water-based coatings, solvent borne coatings and plural component coatings such as 2-component urethanes.  FTS specializes in the development of coat and cure systems using 100% solids UV/EB coating formulations. FTS has the necessary knowledge to design, develop and integrate UV/EB technology so our customers can recognize the Environmentally Safe, Sustainable and Green finishing methodologies that UV/EB offers in today’s manufacturing climate.

We have expertise in the following application processes:

•    Spray Coating
•    Roll Coating
•    Vacuum Coating
•    Curtain Coating
•    Dip Coating
•    Flood & Wipe Coating
•    Jetting

We have expertise in the following cure processes:

•    UV lamps - Microwave UV, Electrode UV, LED, Xenon UV, Fixed lamps, Reciprocating lamps, Robotic controlled lamps, and LaraluxTM Technology for 3-Dimensional parts.
•    Gas or Electric convection ovens
•    Infrared ovens
•    Induction dryers

With the range of applications that can benefit from UV/EB technology, FTS has developed experience with a wide range of pretreatment methods, systems and technologies. Examples include liquid washing and drying, mechanical brushing and scrubbing, particle impingement, dry ice jetting, plasma, corona, flame, and fluoro-oxidation/reactive gas.

We are experienced in a broad range of substrates including metals, glass, plastics, polymer composites, fiberglass, wood, and heat sensitive preassembled components ranging from small and large 3D parts to even the most complicated profiles.

We have designed and built systems of every imagineable methodology for transporting the substrate through the coating and curing processes such as overhead chain-on-edge, pallet style, flatline and other uniquely customized conveyance systems. 

Finishing Technology Solutions has the breadth of expertise and experience to design, build, integrate and commission finishing systems for any feasible application. And if your application is not feasible, we will tell you exactly why from our preliminary assessment and audit and give you options to reach your performance and production goals that WILL meet your investment criteria.


System Development and Design: The FTS Process


Having come from the finishing equipment OEM industry, we have seen why projects fail to be on time, on budget and ultimately meet customer expectations. By implementing the FTS System Development and Design Process, we shorten the project timeline by providing experienced personnel with a high level of finishing expertise  to do the work for you. And it always starts with clear articulation and documentation of system and coating performance requirements and methods to measure the performance specifications.

The proven FTS Development Methodology:

•    Meet with customer to establish project goals and objectives.
•    Customer documentation of process and coating performance specifications.
•    Formulate plan of action and timeline. Include project milestones for activities and customer evaluation/decision points to advance from stage to stage of overall project.
•    Conduct information gathering trials.
•    Provide system design concepts based on system requirements and information from experimental trials.
•    Initial Engineering Design – source multiple vendors to each system component to get preliminary total system scope and cost.
•    Conduct additional tests to validate remaining concepts and engineering/coating design flexibilities.
•    Assemble bid package and solicit bids for required equipment components.
•    Prepare comparative analysis report of bids.
•    Coordinate vendors once purchase orders are placed.
•    Stage system before shipping to customer.
•    Provide installation coordination and supervision services.
•    Provide start up assistance and equipment fine tuning.
•    Provide operator and maintenance training.
•    Provide periodic system audits to insure system is operating at peak efficiency.


Finishing Technology Solutions often has customers that need assistance understanding their process and how it can be improved today versus what can be gained by future investments. For this often seen situation, FTS offers a wide range of Services. These services are structured to help our clients with any situation whether audits or training, new systems or contract finishing.

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