Finishing Technology Solutions was formed in 2005 to fill two important needs in the finishing industry.

FTS helps companies improve the performance of their finishing operations.

  • We have expertise with solvent based, water based, two-component and UV coating techniologies and the systems that apply and cure these coatings.
  • We focus on the total finishing process including material handling, part racking and density, pretreatment, finishing application, curing and system controls.
  • We map your current state and work with you to provide solutions to enhance your finishing line to improve quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • We provide integration services from simple system enhancements to full turnkey systems.
  • We provide instructional system operation training, showing your operators how to get the most from your system.
  • We provide follow up support services to insure your system operation continues to operate at its peak efficiency.
  • We offer automation and control solutions that enhance your finishing line personnel’s ability to produce a consistent, quality finish on your product.
  • We have over 30 years of experience working with automated finishing applications so you get the benefit of our vast knowledge and experience with a wide variety of finishing applications.


  • FTS specializes in the design, build and installation of finishing systems that utilize UV (ultra-violet) curable coating technologies.

    UV technology is unique compared to conventional coatings. It requires a strong interdependence between the coating chemistry and the application and curing processes. UV technology is a liquid polymer technology that is applied similar to conventional methods and cured with energy efficient UV lamps. Our finishing process experience and know-how combined with our hands-on experience with designing, building and integrating systems has allowed us to take a leadership role in providing custom solutions for our customers.

    • We help companies leverage the value of UV technology by working with them to develop the application process and helping them source the right coating and equipment for each individual application.
    • We operate each project using a Process Development Model that provides you with comparative analysis information which allows you to make informative decisions about your finishing operation. This includes:

    • Mapping your current finishing state, identifying areas for improvement and learning your project goals and objectives.

    • Generating a project specification, clearly identifying the project objectives.

    • Discussing potential solutions and the pros and cons to each.

    • Identifying and preparing a plan of action for analyzing potential solutions.

    • Generating a proposal to implement the plan of action.

    • Implementing the plan with a method of reporting that allows you to provide valuable input along the way.

    • Run testing of each aspect of the project and providing you with data for comparative analysis.

    • Help you understand and identify the best solutions to meet your specific goals.

    • Generate a system specification.

    • Provide system proposals with pricing and present economic analysis data that allows you to understand investment versus payback and how it compares to your existing process.

    • Design, build, install, commission the system and train your operators how to effectively run it for maximum efficiency.

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